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Gaze upon this photograph and rejoice! One of you, our honorable readers, has sent us this most worthy image of Mushroom and Nut Pilaf! If ever there was a day for ecstatic, frenzied dancing, this is it! In one simple email, we have not only received scholarly input but also proof-- PROOF, I SAY! -- that someone is looking at this site! Huzzah!

Also, if you like pilaf, that looks about as good as you are going to get. So I'm going to suggest you imagine that this photo shows you what our recipe will look like, even if that is an entirely unsupported claim. This is just the sort of half-hearted research we need.

These look like reasonably good recipes. I've no idea. Do with them as you will, but let me know if you try them. Maybe send a photo of the final product. The Book of Lambert needs your help to complete the archive. Don't leave future scholars in the dark -- we must know what mushroom and nut pilaf looks like!

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